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   Adopting RFID proximity contactless technology, COCY locker lock series are designed with proximity transponder (like card, tag, wristband and etc.) as the electronic key and are working under keyless effective locking system. It’s the most ideal locker lock solution of high security and elegant appearance which are widely used in leisure and fitness locker room areas.

       COCY offers a number of advantages over conventional keyed/coin return locking systems
and is the best solution for their replacement

Pre-assigned Mode or Free Selection Mode is optional.

Annual over 300,000 sets installation proved quality since 2005 !!

◆ Patent design with durable mechanism
Heavy duty and it's workable under up to 150N pressure against the latch bolt, never get stuck and the extended length of bolt is up to 18mm, this is our unbeatable advantage. (Other company locks are only 12mm by length and very easy to get stuck, therefore users have to damage the cabinet/locker to open it)
◆ Simple to operate and manage; cost- and time-saving with no keys or coins
◆ The lock front panel functions also as the locker handle (no need to install extra handle)
◆ Automatic locking system — no turning knob required
◆ Free locker selection OR fixed locker allocation — catering for different needs
◆ Standalone management mode OR network control
◆ Locker status tracking and locker number reminder
◆ Minimal damage of locker/lock with both electronic and emergency opening design
◆ Lost or stolen cards easily deleted from the locking system and replaced by updated cards
◆ EMID (125 KHz) OR Mifare (13.56 MHz) Chip as unduplicable electronic keys
◆ External battery interface in an event of power failure
◆ Warning alert when lock is not fully closed OR battery is low
◆ Anti-pick alarm inbuilt to deter vandalism
◆ Long battery life: 13~18 months under 20~30 times operation daily basis

Power supply: 4 standard AA alkaline batteries
Working temperature: -10º C ~ + 50º C
Working Humidity: 20% ~ 95%
Static consumption: <10uA
Dynamic consumption: 110mA ~ 180mA
Emergency unlocking:The door can be opened even if the deadbolt works
Battery life:About one year under normal state
Open time:the door will be opened automatically (latch bolt will retract into lock mechanism) after reading a valid card, after that the door will be locked again automatically. The buzzer in the lock will beep to warn the user if the door isn't fully closed
Low voltage warning:
When CPU working voltage is less 4.5V, the buzzer will beep for warning and the lock can still be opened dozens of times before the batteries are replaced
Mechanical key override:
The separate emergency mechanical structure will allow the opening by the mechanical key in emergency
Installation request:locker/cabinet/cupboard/wardrobe with thickness no less than 8cm

- Sports center
- Waterpark, swimming pool
- Gym, stadium, school
- Sauna club security
- Apartment wardroble security
- Fitness center
- Wellness
- Offices file cupbard
- Residences

RFID Locker Locking System Configuration

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